Mautz Paint Fire Ribbon - Providing intense, long lasting heat.

  Mautz Paint Fire Ribbon is a must for the avid sportsman.  This odorless, tasteless gel squeezes on like toothpaste!  Just squeeze it on any surface, and light. It will even burn on water and ice.  It's ideal for:
Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking Indoor Fireplaces Indoor Fireplaces 
Campers Campers Skier's Skier's
Hunters Hunters Picnics


Fishermen Fishermen Hikers and more! Hiker's and more!
In addition to the many every day uses of Fire Ribbon, it is also an invaluable item to have with you for personal safety while hunting, fishing, camping and more.  Click here to read a true life account.

Fire Ribbon provides long-lasting, intense heat without flare-ups or splashing.  This amazing product has even been used on numerous major motion pictures, to provide the real fire during every take.  Fire Ribbon is sold by the tube, and by the case.  Each individual tube is priced at $3.25 (Shipping included).  A case of Fire Ribbon contains 24 tubes, and is priced at a discounted price of $72.00.


To purchase Fire Ribbon by the tube:

To purchase Fire Ribbon by the case:




Special Precautions:
Keep away from heat, open flame or sparks.  Store in an area suitable for flammable or combustible liquids.  Not to be taken internally.  Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

California Residents:
Unfortunately due to shipping regulations we are unable to ship Fire Ribbon to California addresses.  


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