Mautz Paint Co. wants to promote confidence in surfing our web site by promoting the principles of disclosure and informed consent. Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, we have agreed to disclose our personal information practices.

1. What information does this site gather/track?

†We gather the same sort of information as most other web sites. The information that we gather helps us to identify which hosted pages are most popular with our customers and allows us to produce site statistics for our customers. †

The information that we gather can be divided into two categories. The first category is information about all the visitors or customers who come to our site. It tells us how many people visit a certain page on our web site, but not who those people are.

The second category of information is identifiable information about individuals. This information, most of which customers give us when filling out order forms, can include some or all of the following: name, user id, email address, addresses and phone number.

The Internet also sends us some technical information about our visitors: OS type, browser type, domain name and IP address. We use this information to make sure our site is compatible with the most popular systems that our visitors use.

2. With whom do we share the information we gather/track?

We do not share any of the information obtained by this website with anyone outside Mautz Paint Co.†

Biff Mautz - Chairman of the Board

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